Automatic Fever Detection System for Michigan Schools

Sandusky, MI — August 14, 2020 — Kendra IT of Sandusky Michigan provides an automatic fever detection system to help schools start safe. The device uses an infrared technology combined with a distance sensor, it will scan within 0.1 seconds and give a visual led indication of pass or fail, along with displaying the temperature on the LCD screen. 

Several schools have already signed up to deploy the technology in their reopen plans. The owner of Kendra IT is a former Technology Director at a school and has gone one step further, by automatically extending the warranty of the device until November 15, 2021 if purchased before September 30, 2020. “I know how frustrating it is to have warranties expire just as you go to start school, so we have made this push for schools do not have to worry about out of warranty devices in the following year”. 

Kendra IT is also offering districts a full coverage warranty in the event of accidental damage including drops, or spraying disinfectant into the infrared sensor. 

We have compared many solutions out there, and it doesn’t matter if you choose the most expensive option, they are all measuring the same thing, skin surface temperature. That is what this device does, and schools can implement it for a fraction of the price. 

Schools across Michigan’s Thumb have already placed orders for the device and we expect many more districts to sign up. Anyone wanting to learn more about the device can contact our office directly at 989-820-6420 or 

ABOUT: Kendra IT is a technology company, erate approved, helping SMBs and schools districts achieve their technology goals. The owner of Kendra IT also owns CIS Auctions, a company specializing in Schools and Municipal auctions.