Find Me A Stream! Launches Largest, Most Diverse Livestream Directory

Find Me A Stream! Launches Largest, Most Diverse Curated Livestream Directory

Features Music, Entertainment, Art, Science and More


(LOS ALTOS & CARMEL VALLEY, CA) Aug. 10, 2020. Find Me A Stream! ( launched today with a growing curated collection of over 500 upcoming livestream programs and 3,500 on-demand programs on 14 channels (categories), ranging from music to art to business and science/nature. With a goal of supporting small businesses that rely on in-person interactions and have been devastated by COVID-19, Find Me A Stream! helps find new audiences while providing sheltering citizens a new way to discover interesting live content.

“Inspired by the proliferation of live programs during the pandemic, Find Me A Stream! aims to help musicians perform, yoga instructors instruct, students learn, and senior stand engaged.” said Michael DeLapa, Find Me A Stream! co-founder. “We want to help small businesses cross the Covid chasm.”

“We are living in the strangest of times,” said Andy Drexler, Find Me A Stream! co-founder. “If you miss the shared experience of being in an audience, live concerts, webinars, classes, and other real-time experiences and interactions, Find Me A Stream! can help things feel more normal.”

By helping people connect with other people through live events—programs that entertain, educate, and enrich—Find Me A Stream! redefines “live” entertainment in the time of Covid-19 and builds community in a time of isolation.

Find Me A Stream! is on open directory, so anyone can add, share, and market live events, regardless of where they actually stream – YouTube, Instagram Live, Facebook Live, Zoom, etc. Streams can be quickly shared on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook or added to any calendar.


Features introduced today include:

       Livestream events calendar and directory offered as a web

       User-generated content (UGC) – anyone can add a stream

       Curated – all streams are moderated by “creators” (approved users)

       Platform Independent – streams across all webcasts (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, Zoom, etc.)

       Social – easy sharing with Twitter and Facebook

       Notifications —receive an email notification before a performance goes live

       Subscriptions – subscribe to a channel and receive daily emails of upcoming livestreams


Find Me A Stream! invites artists, entertainers, exercise instructors, and other businesses to upload their livestream events to and use the platform’s marketing features to expand their audiences. We also invite anyone looking for live experiences to visit the website and subscribe to their favorite channels. There is no cost for adding events or subscribing.