Intellihot launches webinars on impact of COVID-19 on heating systems

Intellihot Inc. has launched a series of educational webinars related to the impact of COVID-19 shutdown on water heating and distribution systems. Upcoming topics include Legionella risks and preventing unexpected interruptions in hot water by using modular tankless technology. This series was created with building operators and managers in mind, with various relevant issues they encounter in commercial water heating and distribution systems. 
Participants also have the opportunity to submit questions at the end of each session. The full list of webinars is available on our website at
“As we work through this webinar series, we want to increase awareness of the dangers of improper water heating system design,” said Intellihot CEO and Founder, Sridhar Deivasigamani. “We also want to raise awareness about pathogens and contaminants, and help prepare them to reopen.” 
Intellihot is a designer and manufacturer of energy-efficient tankless water heaters based in Galesburg, IL. The company was founded in 2009 by Sridhar Deivasigamani and Sivaprasad Akasam, and has since been featured by Forbes magazine and ChicagoInno. Intellihot heaters have served businesses in a variety of industries, from hotels and schools to stadiums. For more information about the company and its products, visit