New talent Ayeshah Rose takes Hollywood by storm

Australian fresh face Ayeshah Rose takes Hollywood by storm, winning multiple awards for her recent short film “The Girlfriend Project”.

During the pandemic Ayeshah explored deep into more of the broader stories that didn’t have much space as the epic side effects of the pandemic took over. There was so much focus on the global economic, health and financial effects of the crisis and little highlights on the smaller and unique stories of love and love lost. 

“I wanted to pay tribute and acknowledge the forced separation of couples and in particular newer love”, Ayeshah speaks with passion about her motivation to make The Girlfriend Project. “It was so real, and even for me when there is no way to reach each other and no idea when that will happen again, it closes down so much of the vibrations that create such wonder in love. Even as a citizen of a country, not having any certainty ruined a lot of beautiful and newer relationships”.

This five minute short film has won multiple awards including Best Actress, Best Experimental Short Film and Best International Short Film at a number of reputable films festivals including Venice Shorts. The festival circuit certainly has had Ayeshah on their radar as the wins are backing up with screenings online and in person events all at once. This festival season for The Girlfriend Project has been a huge success bringing audiences together to witness a film that is devoted to love and the necessity to keep bringing international relationships together. 

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