NO Commission Food delivery platform BOLT, launching in India in response to high-commissioned aggregators.

With razor-thin margins and high dependency on delivery (aggregators take 25% – 35% cut), the only way out for many small businesses like restaurants, today, is shut down.

To solve this, a first-of-its-kind NO commission delivery service, BOLT ( is launching in India.

BOLT founders, having worked in the restaurant industry, want to give the control back to the local businesses.  Stores get complete access to their customer database. With sustainability at its core, BOLT wants to make delivery a profitable part of all local businesses.

When customers order through BOLT, it doesn’t mean that they are ordering from BOLT. Rather, it’s directly from the store that they’d be ordering.

Every store can have its own customized digital catalog, serving its customers, running loyalty, receiving feedback just like how it happens in a physical purchase. It would help them increase their revenues, margins, and get close to their customers in an unprecedented way.

Potential earnings for restaurants

BOLT charges just Rs. 5 per order to enable delivery for any store. This will be a steep cut for restaurants from the 25-35% commissions that they are paying to aggregators. With over 30% of restaurants expected to close because of the current crisis, this could be the difference between life and death


“Restaurants are partnering with BOLT for two reasons, One being, the delivery charges are very business-friendly and the second being they are a truly Indian food delivery business without any Chinese funding. (25-30% of Zomato and 10-15% of Swiggy is owned by Chinese investors)”

With entire India looking to support Indian and local businesses, Just ordering from bolt would be like giving back to the local business community during this crisis. Customers can order through the restaurant’s website, through the bolt page or even through WhatsApp.

BOLT is set out on a mission to help as many businesses as possible to self-sustain during the pandemic and get rid of the clutches of commission squeezing aggregators. Just before we sign off, it’s worthwhile to mention that 1300+ restaurants and stores are on this mission with us.

BOLT is launching in multiple cities across India in the period of next 3 months.