Remember The Beach – A Free Summer Story with Music and Life Saving Information

Remember The Beach is a short story about a teenager who becomes a lifeguard in Huntington Beach, California and discovers something he has to keep secret.  Bruce Cooke wrote the story around eight original songs he recorded in various studios with The Rock Island Boys and its available to read as a free download. Links to hear the music on YouTube are embedded into the storyline. You can hear each of the eight songs, Remember The Beach – California – Catchin’ The Summer Swell – Walk Along The Beach Tonight – I Wanna Go To The Beach Today – The Best Years Of My Life – God Bless California – I’m Searching For My Surfer Girl on YouTube. As you read the story, just click on the blue link to hear each song.      It’s a story with music.

Remember The Beach is also a good summer read that contains valuable life saving information on how to escape from a rip current at the beach. Cooke hopes that many lives will be saved as people read the simple life saving information in the story.

By reading Remember The Beach, you can experience what summer in Southern California is really like and experience the feeling of summer through the music of The Rock Island Boys. Cooke eventually wants to get the story made into a movie and then re-formulate The Rock Island Boys into the next Boy Band sensation and tour around the world in support of the movie. You can read Remember The Beach as a free download at

Please read this summer love story and then share a link to it on all your social media platforms and invite your family and friends to Remember The



Contact: Bruce Cooke