Scientific Society YESS Uses Specially Designed Perfume to Simulate the Smell of Jupiter

Young Earth Scientists’ Society (YESS) is a non-profit international organisation who specialise in astrophysics and geology. The Society aims to promote Earth Sciences through programmes to different schools and communities, while applying revolutionary teaching methods. 

The main goal of the society is to let each student learn by experience, not only through hearing prepared lectures and seeing the specimens that they have brought, but also through different interactive activities. Licenced geoscientist Cristian Cruz explains that: 


Specially designed perfumes like JUPITER, is an excellent tool for the programme because in addition to touching different rocks, minerals, fossils, and meteorites, they can now experience outer space through smell, which contributes to their learning experience significantly.” 


Mr Cruz continues that “ the unique encounter of smelling a celestial body beyond Earth allows students to engage on the subject with greater enthusiasm and curiosity.”


NASA have made significant progress in finding ways to analyse the composition and chemistry of remote planets, however what does that mean to the broader public and how do we really translate the data and information found in our daily life? Smell is definitely a sense that can help us to experience exactly that.  


TOLI, the company that designed the perfume specialises is hyper-realistic perfumes as part of its Immersive Series in an attempt to bring public closer to recent space discoveries, by enabling the wearer to have an immersive odour experience of a certain object or environment. 


You can now pre-order JUPITER and find out more on, Kickstarter, and Indiegogo.

For more information about YES Society and their work please visit here