Sourdough Bread App Launch


 Los Angeles, CA – August 7, 2020 – Available today, Nutritional Acupuncturist and former Food Network Producer Mary Parr launches the Bread Culture app to share her passion and skills for baking delicious and nutritious sourdough bread in a home oven. With more than ten years of experience teaching more than 1,500 people to bake their own sourdough bread using simple methods, her app brings the joy and nutrition of bread to the world in an accessible and simple format. The Bread Culture app will allow users to watch unlimited videos outlining a step-by-step process so they can bake bread at home. The app, developed by Nika Elashvili, is available in the Apple App Store. 

Mary Parr developed the Bread Culture method in 2013 after many years of digestive upset from bread and a diagnosed “gluten allergy. As a Physician of Eastern Medicine with a focus in Nutrition, she was determined to find out why so many people have a similar intolerance everywhere, particularly in the Unites States. After using her own recipes and creating her own sourdough starter, she healed her digestion and wanted to share the secrets of what she learned- and the joy of eating bread!- with the world. Dr. Viveka Rucker, a Doctor of Acupuncture based in Woodland Hills, California lauds Mary and Bread Culture: “As a healthcare professional, I am grateful to Mary (and Bread Culture) for what I learned from her extensive research, and being able to recommend bread that I feel good about, knowing it will bring delight and health benefits to  all consume it.”

Mary began teaching and creating online classes for people all over her neighborhood, and then California, the U.S., and now because of this app, the world. Her in-person classes were covered in the Los Angeles Times in March 2018 by food writer and bread expert Amy Halloran. App developer Nika Elashvili and his husband took the class in 2017 and loved it. When COVID-19 quarantine began in early 2020, he asked to build an app using Mary’s recipes. Since “sourdough starter” is the second most Googled activity during the pandemic, it felt like the perfect time. Both Nika and Mary’s ultimate hope is to educate people about the importance of eating whole grains, to simplify the art of baking bread, and to unite people, one loaf at a time. 

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Media inquiries: Mary Parr, L.Ac, founder of Bread Culture,, Nika Elashvili, builder of Bread Culture app, @_nika.e,