Spoken Truth to Power Podcast is releasing

Spoken Truth to Power podcast is releasing


Spoken Truth to Power is UK’s first genre-hopping podcast for the South Asian diaspora

made for people who like art, music, culture, and conversation across borders.


The podcast features performances by spoken word artists across borders, and conversation with experts from the fields of history and psychology:


  • In this first season we are exploring the theme of intergenerational trauma in South Asian communities. Spoken word artists from across borders, Shagufta Iqbal from the UK and Megha Rao from India explore the heart of the issue through the performance of their poems, Flooding by Shagufta and Homegrown Blade by Megha. Host, Daljeet Jutla presents her monologue– “War, Virus and Collective Mental Health”.
  • We talk about why the psychological impact of significant events in British history like the Partition of India were overlooked with Professor Sarah Ansari; and explore how trauma genetically transfers from one generation to another through conversation with Clinical Director at Blue River Psychology – Dr Rima Lamba.
  •  We leave listeners about some thoughts with how we can find hope in these challenging times. Dr Roshni Beeharry talks about the importance of creative writing to cope with negative feelings and shares writing tips to help people started.


This Culture studio podcast is funded by Arts Council England and National Lottery funding.

What the team are saying about STTP “I am thankful to Arts Council England and National lottery funding for providing me the opportunity to create this podcast that connects the British South Asian community with the wider South Asian diaspora. There is a massive under representation of South Asians creators and presenters in the audio sector, and Arts Council funding has enabled the much-needed collaboration of a multifaceted South Asian creative team” Daljeet Jutla (Creator and Host of Spoken Truth to Power Podcast and Founder Culture Studio)

“Hope and healing are part of all our life journeys, but often many people have no way to express these experiences. Spoken Truth to Power gives a voice to those who have experienced so much, in a poignant and powerful way, and I am so proud to be part of this unique work and team” Dr Roshni Beeharry (Podcast contributor)

About Arts Council

Arts Council England is the national development agency for creativity and culture. We have set out our strategic vision in Let’s Create that by 2030 we want England to be a country in which the creativity of each of us is valued and given the chance to flourish and where everyone of us has access to a remarkable range of high quality cultural experiences. We invest public money from Government and The National Lottery to help support the sector and to deliver this vision. www.artscouncil.org.uk  

Following the Covid-19 crisis, the Arts Council developed a £160 million Emergency Response Package, with nearly 90% coming from the National Lottery, for organisations and individuals needing support. We are also one of the bodies administering the Government’s unprecedented £1.57 billion Culture Recovery Funds. Find out more at www.artscouncil.org.uk/covid19 

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Social Media

Facebook: @spokentruthpowerpodcast

Twitter: @spokentruthpod

Instagram:  @spokentruthpod



For more information or media interviews please contact [email protected]



Download / Subscribe

The show can be found on all podcast platforms (Apple, Google, Spotify, Stitcher) via www.podfollow.com/spokentruthpod.A transcription of the episodes will be available on the website.


The Spoken Truth Power Team

Spoken Truth to Power is created by Daljeet Jutla, who is also a contributing writer, and host, and is produced by her podcast production company Culture Studio www.culturestudio.co.uk



Creator: Daljeet Jutla

Host: @daljeetjutla @culturestudio1 www.culturestudio.co.uk

 Art work: Amrit Singh, @MrASingh https://www.rebelcreatives.co/

Sound Design and Music by Elliot Bulley and Audio Post Production by Chaos Creative http://www.chaoscreative.co.uk/@Elliotbulley

Specialist Producer: Serena Barker Singh @serenabarksing

Marketing consultant : Amrit Singh @MrASingh https://www.rebelcreatives.co/

Distribution consultant: Chhavi Sachdev https://www.sonologue.com/ @chhavi

Marketing Assistant: Katie Bevan https://katiebevan.org/ @katiebevano

Promotional Support: Kommune Mumbai https://kommuneity.com/ @KOMMUNEity

Promotional Support: Bobby Friction (BBC Asian network presenter) @bobbyfriction


Contributing Poets

Shagufta Iqbal http://www.shaguftakiqbal.com/ @shaguftakiqbal

Megha Rao https://www.megharao.in/ @SurrealMeghaRao


Contributing Writer (episode 5)

Dr Roshni Beeharry https://www.storiedselves.com/ @roshni_beeharry


With special thanks to MP Tan Dhesi who has recorded a voice note about the mental health initiatives that he supports. @TanDhesi



Podcast release Schedule

Episodes are released weekly, on Wednesday’s at 12pm (UK GMT +1) from April 14th 2021 There are a total of 6 episodes in season 1 (including 1 bonus episode featuring British poet – Adrian Earles aka Think, Write, Fly.

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Images, Included in this presskit:


4 variations on our cover art:

Artwork with blue variation (2400 x 2400 pixels) – this is the cover that shows up on people’

Artwork with black variation (2400 x 2400 pixels) 

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3 images of our main Culture Studio logo (3218 x 1179 pixels)

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2 headshots of the creator, Daljeet; 

■ One of Daljeet in front of Autumn leaves (4288 x 2848 pixels)

■ One of Daljeet sitting on a bench (4288 x 2848 pixels)


2 headshots of British Poet – Shagufta Iqbal

■One of Shagufta posing with hand in hair (1853 x 1390 pixels)

■One of Shagufta looking straight at camera (1397 x 2096 pixels)


3 headshots of Indian Poet – Megha Rao

■          One of Megha performing on Mic (6000 x 4000 pixels)

■          One of Megha sitting on chair (3456 x 4600 pixels)

■          One of Megha, black and white side profile (786 x 993 pixels)


1 headshots of writer – Dr Roshni Beeharry  

■One of Roshni wearing cleopatra eyeliner (1113 x 932 pixels)


Audio Trailer

■ 1 minute 39 second promo clip, in mp3 format

■ MP4 Format – this video is a subtitled file and we made this to use on our Instagram platform



All graphic design and art for Spoken Truth to Power Podcast and Culture Studio was done by Amrit Singh @MrASingh @RebelCreatives



 About Culture Studio

Culture Studio is a podcast production company founded by Daljeet Jutla creating intercultural content for the global South Asian audience. We collaborate with artists across borders and connect Indian audiences with the South Asian diaspora spread across UK, US, and Canada. Culture Studio champions the untold British Asian stories that deepen heritage connections with the Indian subcontinent. www.culturestudio.co.uk

The Creator

Spoken Truth to Power was conceptualized and hosted by Daljeet Jutla – who is also a contributing Poet and Writer on the first season of this podcast. Daljeet is a British born Asian who has been raised in Southall, West London, and has spent some of her formative years growing up in India, Delhi.


At a time of increasing division and polarisation, Daljeet was interested in building creative bridges between the diaspora of South Asian artists, and challenge many of our differences through the power of art. Thanks to Arts Council England and National lottery funding, Daljeet was able to bring female poets from across borders to create original spoken word based on the same theme. Spoken Truth to Power is a platform that brings together dedicated fans of spoken word, with listeners who are interested in hearing cultural conversations that impact the global South Asians community.

British Asians make up almost 7% of the UK population, yet their stories are missing from TV, Films, Radio/Podcast sector. There has been a huge gap in British Asian storytelling, and Daljeet is a firm believer that an investment in diverse creators is the only way to fill this gap. Traditionally, British Asians have consumed stories from the Indian subcontinent through Bollywood but have had limited opportunity to send their stories back. Spoken Truth to Power is one of the first audio projects to send British Asian perspectives back to the Indian subcontinent, as well as the Global South Asian diaspora.

You can learn more about Daljeet via her company website, www.culturestudio.co.uk