Unlock sustainable, cheap, and flexible 3D printing, with one simple upgrade.

recycl3dprint presents The LILY Kit, a DIY bolt-on conversion kit that unlocks powerful pellet 3D printing in your filament printer. The LILY Kit makes it simpler than ever to 3D print with pellets. Offering easy access to recycling waste plastics, up to 80% savings on feedstock, and tremendous time savings by cutting down on material development and print time.

We believe the only way forward is a circular economy and we are experts in 3D printing. We combined our belief and expertise into creating the LILY Kit.says Benjamin Ohlhaeuser, Head of Marketing at recycl3dprint. “Our dream is DRAM (Distributed Recycling and Manufacturing) for everyone.”




Features and benefits of The LILY Kit include.


·      START CIRCULAR 3D PRINTING: 3D Print up to 100% recycled plastic! Recycle failed prints and/or waste plastic and prevent more plastic pollution.

·      NO MORE EXPENSIVE FILAMENT: Save up to 80% on print material by being able to 3D print directly with industrial pellets and recycled plastic.

·      LIMITLESS CUSTOMIZATION: Unlock easy material and color customization with compounds, additives, or colorants.


The LILY Kit is available immediately at a pre-order price of €999 (Regular price €1199). For more information visit https://www.recycl3dprint.com/


About recycl3dprint: recycl3dprint is a young start-up specialized in Fused Granular Fabrication (FGF) or pellet 3D printing. We develop and produce a high-quality direct pellet extrusion system -The LILY Kit. The LILY kit unlocks powerful pellet 3 printing in almost any 3D printer. We do this because we truly believe that directly printing pellets or granules is the next evolutionary step in 3D printing and the key to giving access to DRAM (Distributed Recycling and Manufacturing) for Maker all around the world.