• Single Release

    One time payment
    • Price: $20
    • Includes: 1 press release
    • Best for: Individuals or businesses with a one-time announcement

    Perfect for sporadic or one-time news distributions, the Single Release plan ensures your pivotal message is dispatched to relevant media channels without necessitating a recurring commitment.

  • Unlimited Pack

    Every 1 Month
    • Price: $249/month
    • Includes: Unlimited press releases
    • Best for: Large enterprises or PR agencies with diverse clientele

    The Unlimited Pack caters to organizations that demand an unrestrained media outreach program, ensuring every piece of news, big or small, is distributed without hesitations about limits.

  • Pro Pack

    Every 1 Month
    • Price: $99/month
    • Includes: Up to 10 press releases
    • Best for: Growing businesses or PR agencies

    Crafted for those that necessitate a consistent and diverse media engagement, the Pro Pack ensures your narrative remains consistent and robust, assisting in maintaining a constant media dialogue.

  • Starter Pack

    Every 1 Month
    • Price: $59/month
    • Includes: Up to 5 press releases
    • Best for: Small businesses or individuals

    Details: A cost-effective initiation, the Starter Pack propels your key messages to your desired media audience, ensuring your pivotal updates are communicated while saving you a substantial amount each month.